Kim Kardashian Responds To Claims There Is Cocaine In The Background Of Her Selfie

When you’re a celebrity, particularly one of the Kardashian family, it’s pretty commonplace to be dogged by rumours and gossip at every turn.

The rich and famous are constantly forced to fend off the paparazzi, who buzz around them like a cloud of flies surrounding a picnic, and with so many eyes watching you and so much publicity to deal with, it’s easy to understand how an ill-timed remark, misjudged comment or tiny detail can be conflated by fans and the media and spun into a web of falsehoods.

Just think about the famous rumour regarding actor Richard Gere and a certain fluffy little rodent: a rumour which has been categorically proven to be completely untrue. But that’s what happens when these tall tales get twisted out of shape – they can quickly come to eclipse the careers and personalities of their subjects if left unchecked.

On Tuesday 11 July, a Snapchat photo posted by Kim Kardashian herself was subject to fevered speculation and gossip, after one of her eagle-eyed followers spotted something extremely suspicious on the table in the background of the shot: two lines of what appeared to be a white powder. Immediately certain Twitter-users started jumping to conclusions.

Some people began making the unfounded claim that Kim had just outed herself as a cocaine-user and that her lack of foresight had left her busted. But before things could get too out of hand, Kim had posted a prompt reply which managed to shut down the rumours, and revealed exactly what really the deal with that table.

At first Kim stated that the white powder was a sugar mess leftover from a visit to Dylan’s Candy Shop, where she had gone along with her children. Many internet-users were skeptical of this explanation, and thus remained suspicious. But then Kim revised her story, and provided a new explanation which thoroughly debunked the theory that the white powder was cocaine, in a short video which she posted to Twitter.

In it she states: “Okay you guys, I just got back to my hotel room, ” Kim explained, “And look at this table, same position. It is still there! So we did go to Dylan’s Candy Shop, I did think that it was our pixie sticks. But after all that, this table at the background – is a marble table, you guys! Like, come on! So come on. I don’t play like that. Like, come on. I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle. I don’t think I’ve ever been like that. I just really can’t believe this – that it was a marble table. And I thought it was candy.”

So there you have it; the cocaine was just a mark on the table all along! No big deal.

This isn’t the first time that Kim has been forced to respond to rumours. In a 2010 interview with Jay Leno she stated:

“I’ve never been a drinker, I’ve never gotten into drugs …  From a young age, my dad made it very clear that, ‘OK, you’re the responsible one and you have to watch your sister’ … I always felt this sense of pride that he had in me that I was the responsible one so I always wanted to make him proud. And I hate the taste of alcohol.”

But this isn’t the first time that one of Kim’s selfies has fooled the whole world. For instance, there’s a lot of evidence out there that suggests that her famous naked selfie was actually a clever fake.

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